Diatomaceous Earth Can Benefit Your Dog- All-Natural Flea and Tick Control

Diatomaceous Earth is a low cost way to control parasites in your pet.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth can benefit your dog. This organic material is deadly to any insect but is completely harmless to animals and people.

This all natural.non-toxic substance is a top way to protect your dog from fleas and ticks. Basically this is ground up fossilized single cell freshwater organisms (Diatoms).

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth can benefit your dog. This organic material is deadly to any insect but is completely harmless to animals and people.

DE is free of chemicals and other toxins. It is an effective pesticide because of its physical construction. DE is

DE is deadly to parasites

highly absorbent and abrasive. When bugs walk through it, it sticks to them and sucks away their moisture, eventually killing them by dehydration.

This material is a fine white powder that looks like tiny shards of broken glass when it’s viewed through a powerful microscope.

The way it works is actually quite simple.These minuscule sharp objects pierce the outer shell of the insects…. and they will quickly dehydrate and soon die.

Food Grade – Diatomaceous Earth – There is a Difference!

If you intend to use Diatomaceous Earth to treat any internal or external parasites in your dog…you will need to use Food Grade earth only. There are other DE grades sold for pools and gardens- Do NOT use these other types of diatomaceous earth . Garden grade and pool grade DE products have additives and are not meant for use in animals or humans.

The main benefit of using DE as a pest control method…. is that it is entirely natural.... rather than chemical. For this reason it has less risk of irritating your dog’s skin. Traditional topical flea treatments contain toxic poison….and also can dry out your dogs skin.  Be sure to only buy Food Grade D Earth!

Internal Parasites – Top natural cure for Worms!

One of the most common uses of DE is for the control, and ,treatment of internal parasites. Since this substance is non-toxic it’s perfectly fine for you to feed this to your dog in proper dosages.

Known as an overall detox treatment...DE is probably the top, inexpensive, easy way to deworm your dog.

DE can treat your dog for infestations of hookworms, roundworms, pin-worms, tapeworms, and whip-worms. Taken internally daily, it can rid parasites in your pet after a week. It’ll take a bout 30 days to finish knocking out the remaining eggs and hatching larvae.

To use DE as a dewormer…. here are some standard dosages. Feel free to confirm these measurements with your vet based on your dogs medical history.

  • 1/2 tsp for small dogs and puppies
  • 1 tsp for dogs under 50 lbs
  • 1 Tbsp for dogs over 50 lbs
  • 2 Tbsp for dogs over 100 lbs

Mix the DE thoroughly with your pets food to prevent your pet from lung irritation from accidental breathing of the powder. Both you and your pets should avoid breathing the dust.

The super fine nature of the substance is a lung irritant. Use common sense when using this product. Even the safest substances can be abused or misused.

External parasites – Get a handle on Fleas and Ticks Naturally

DE is an effective external remedy for lice, ticks, fleas and mites. Mentioned previously, the particles sharp edges pierce the outer shell of parasites which dehydrates them and eventually kill them.

Simply apply diatomaceous earth powder directly on your dog’s coat and massage it in. Also use on carpeting, bedding and any other areas you think those pests are hanging out.

After treating bedding, allow it to sit for three days so it can work on the parasites before vacuuming.

No need to clean off the dust from your dog…it will naturally take care of itself.

If you are concerned about using toxic chemicals on your dog.… diatomaceous earth (DE) is a great natural alternative to traditional topical flea medications.

This product is easy to find….and it’s a cost-effective form of treatment.

I use a lot of DE at my house because I have a small farm with horses and chickens (as well as cats and dogs).  I get mine in a 50 lb. bag delivered.   You know how that is…the more you buy the cheaper it is…but 50 pounds is overkill for most.  The best DE food grade sizes runs between 5 and 15 lb. bags.    Here are my top recommendations.

DE- The Best Uses for Diatomaceous Earth – The List Goes On!

Diatomaceous Earth has also been reported to absorb methyl mercury.... e-coli….endotoxins….viruses….pesticide residues…. drug residues, and protein. .  That means this will detox your dog if they have been exposed to these substances.

This is an excellent pet deodorizer also. Sprinkle in high traffic areas and pet bedding and vacuum a few days later.  This stuff is super absorbent so it will draw out the moisture from anything you put it on.

DE is full of minerals such as (magnesium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron and other trace minerals). It also helps keep pets ( and people), healthy when eaten. Yes, you can eat it. DE is used by some people as a colon cleanse.

While it’s more common to use Diatomaceous Earth as a flea and tick prevention treatment externally…many people have added small amounts of DE to their pet’s diet.

There are numerous benefits a pet can receive from a consistent dosage of DE. Pet owners who have given their pets DE have found their pet has an improved coat, appetite, metabolism, and digestion.

Food grade diatomaceous earth contains 85 percent silica which is an important trace mineral. It is necessary for healthy cartilage, bones, tendons and blood vessels.

Additionally, the nutrient contributes to the well-being of lungs, heart and liver.

Side Effects

Food grade DE – diatomaceous earth is recommended as safe for dogs.  Please use common sense and like everything else- moderation is usually best.

There can be some side effects if not used as directed. Inhaling DE could cause irritation in dog nose, throat and eyes. This could cause symptoms such as breathing difficulties, sneezing and coughing.

When feeding diatomaceous earth for dogs, mix it with food to avoid inhalation. With all things…. please use common sense…. and consult your veterinarian if you have other questions or concerns regarding your dogs health.

Diatomaceous Earth – Natures Wonder

If you are looking for a natural…chemical-free way to treat your dog for fleas and ticks..you should consider diatomaceous earth a healthy option. If want to reduce costs, reduce pesticides, and to increase your pets well-being…DE may be a good fit for your dog.  D Earth is something you definitely should have around as part of your go-to pet treatments.

Please feel free to share questions, experiences, and feedback in the comments area below. Thanks!

28 Comments on “Diatomaceous Earth Can Benefit Your Dog- All-Natural Flea and Tick Control”

  1. Honestly, this is the first time to come across DE it is interesting and I might give a try to buy someday. Is good to know that even for puppies DE is ideal because I have one actually. The other point that I like the most is to mix DE in dogs food, this is a good strategy for those dogs that do not like taking medication. GHappy I stumbled on your website…worth reading.
    Bless up!

    1. Hey Daniel- Yes DE is real easy to use…since it’s natural it doesn’t have a chemical taste that your dog instinctively turns away from. They know best!
      It’s a bit chalky but mixed in they can’t tell. Thanks for reading up on it…I think its a good thing to have and use. Tim

  2. Excdellent post Tim. I had no idea that DE was beneficial for dogs. I use this stuff as a filter media for my pool and now know that it’s not the same. I also have an older lab and we put that toxic crap on him for fleas and ticks. I think I’ll switch over to DE. Thanks again for the info.

    1. Hi Jeff-
      Yes, DE is amazing stuff. After doing my research I found that there are thousands of non-pesticide products with DE registered for use inside and outside buildings, on farms, in kennels and for all those uses in the article. I use it on my chickens for control of mites…I just put a small pile in the yard and they roll around in it and dust themselves in it. They know it works!

      It’s even used as a clarifier in wine and beer!

      Little secret…hoping you never need it, this is a sure fire way to treat for bed bugs and roaches

      Thanks for checking in and for the feedback!

  3. Thank you for this. I’m a cat person, but I like to know about natural treatments for pets.

    Sadly, I house-sat for a pet that gave my cat fleas. It took forever (so to speak) to rid those fleas from my house. I found a natural spray but she hated it.

    Thanks for this info. I know it’s about dogs, but if you’d like, please remember us cat-ladies, too.

    1. No disrespect to the kitties Lane, I have 3 mousers myself! Ha!

      I use DE on them too. It’s much easier to dust them then to spray. I think they all hate the sound of sprays.
      I agree with you- fleas are just horrible and their life cycle makes them difficult to eradicate.

      Adult fleas can actually stay in their cocoon stage for months or years before emmerging – Yuch! Thanks again for the feedback. Tim

  4. Great review, I really didn’t know that you could use diatomaceous earth to handle ticks and fleas. For the longest time in my house, we would use the chemical treatment that you place in the fur or a pill every 6 months or so. I mean the treatments were effective sure, but I really like the idea of limiting the amount of chemicals that my animals are exposed to. Thank you for this post!

    1. Glad to hear you are looking at DE as an option for pest control. Yes, D Earth is pretty amazing at being able to break the life cycle of fleas. I don’t have a problem with them at our house but I still treat, my few carpeted areas in the house, every 6 months. It’s amazing how natural products are sometimes presented as ineffective or outdated by companies pushing chemicals. Things like DE, vinegar, baking soda, borax, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, lemons, and salt all have simple cleaning, disinfecting, or pest control abilities. Thanks again for checking in! Best!

  5. Hi Tim, I really like what you are doing w/ your site. How to care for your pet dog and, of course, your most loyal friend for life, using only natural healthy products. That D earth is quite a remarkable substance. My wife and I always used the garden grade in out house plants, and they flourished. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Terry!
      Using all natural products is certainly an option for our pets (and us). In my opinion it doesn’t take the place of conventional medicine but I do think our culture tends to “over-treat” and “over-medicate” things that the body can often correct on its own if we find balance. Thank you again for your continued support and for your awesome feedback!

  6. I’m all about saving money from time to time. My girlfriend owns a little jack russel and from time to time she does get internal parasites. I’ll have to keep Diatomaceous Earth in mind for sure, it seems like a really useful product!
    As it’s a powder, what type of food would you recommend mixing it with? I can’t imagine it mixing well with dog food, am I right?

    1. Hi Nate-

      Yes- D earth is some pretty spectacular stuff. You can mix it right in their food – since it doesn’t have an unpleasant taste and it’s a really fine powder. A small dog like a Jack Russel only needs 1/2 a teaspoon so they never know it’s in there. I’ve used it before (not for parasites…lol) and I mix it with water. It doesn’t dissolve but it’s pretty low-key to take.

  7. Thanks.

    This is a great detailed article.

    I have honestly never heard of this treatment before and will consider it the next time my dog (and indeed my self) suddenly starts to itch.

    I have a flea problem with my dog before and it is no laughing matter.

    By the time you notice it, that is, when you start to itch, that means it’s already too late and you now have a problem on your hands.


    1. Hey Michael- Yes, diatomaceous earth is a well kept secret. All natural products are often pushed aside for chemicals and drugs. I’m always happy when my research finds something organic that works as well (or better) than synthetic products.

  8. Deadly to insects but harmless to animals and people? Amazing what a natural product can do for us and for our beloved friends, our companions. I never heard before about that, it is very good information.
    I’ll keep in mind, thanks for sharing.
    Just saved your page in my speed dial… good job

  9. Hmmm, I can see the benefits of this product. And it’s organic, which is great.

    But after been through all the issues with my dog (yes, he’s kinda difficult to handle sometimes), I’m a bit sceptical with many animal products now, especially with those flea-treating or -preventing products. Many of them just don’t work!

    But, based on your wonderful review, I’m going to give it a go! Thanks for sharing! I’ll let you know if it works on my dog!

    1. I agree, there are a lot of products out there made up of chemicals and drugs (for our pets and us). It’s all about what works best for you (effectiveness AND price). Please drop me a note if/when you try the diatomaceous earth. It works for my pets for sure. Sometimes natural and simple…does work best. All the best…and thanks again for checking out the article.

  10. This is a great product for any pet owner. Just the other day we had an infestation of fleas when one of our dogs got out and when he came back he was covered in fleas. We couldn’t control the fleas for a while and even our cat got the parasite larvae. It was horrible but we got that covered now. This is a great product review. I will bookmark it for the future.

  11. I’m very pleased I found your website. I like to be able to use natural products where possible and I had no idea there were natural treatments  for both internal and external parasites for dogs. And great idea to use DE to treat bedding too. With regard to treating fleas, do you know how DE would go on dogs that have sensitive skin? Thanks in advance.

    1. Great question on DE side effects on dogs with sensitive skin.  Typically the DE itself isn’t a irritant to skin and it’s highly unlikely a pet would have an allergic reaction.

      However, DE is highly absorbent, which is why it works so well controlling insects.  Basically its successful because it dehydrates the bugs and they dry out and die.  So there are some reports of dry skin from over exposure to DE – again, for the same reason of pulling out moisture.  Sticking with recommended dosages will reduce the chance of this happening.  You may want to bounce this idea off you vet if you are currently undergoing treatment for your dogs skin.

      Some dogs with sensitive skin actually do better with DE because the bites of fleas and ticks are far more severe on their tender skin.

  12. Hi Tim. Until recently I would have passed over your website without another look. In the past we have owned a number of dogs and all of them lived to a reasonable age. When our last pet passed away we decide not to buy another one. We just didn’t want to go through the terrible process of losing a pet. However, that changed last week when it was my wife’s birthday. Our granddaughter decided she would buy a small dog from the local adoption agency, her idea was that her grandma needed one as a companion when I was away on business, or working during the day. Our first thoughts weren’t good ones. We had decided that we liked the freedom of nor having a pet. But that soon changed,. After just one week we have grown to love this tiny, quiet, well behaved little dog. She is four years old and obviously was very well trained. Anyway, I digress from the topic. I decided I wanted to look up an alternative way of worming and defleaing the little girl. Our previous animals had all been treated with chemical products and we no longer feel this is safe to do. Your article on ‘Diatomaceous Earth’ is fascinating. I have used the product as you mentioned, in our swimming pool filter system but never knew their was a product made from this available for flea and worm control in digs. Thanks you for bringing this to my attention. I will definitely be buying some for Willow (named by the adoption center). All the best. Jim

    1. It’s so true that there comes some freedom of not having pets.  It does make it easier to pack up and head out to travel.   But boy do they bring many other things to our lives when you have a great pet.  It makes my heart melt to hear that your granddaughter was able to adopt Willow…she sounds like a gem of a dog.  There are so many loving animals in need of a home and they are eternally grateful.   They do know…and appreciate it!

      Food Grade DE is a true natural wonder.  You’ll be pleased with the results and it’s so good to know that you are not exposing your dog (or anyone in the family) to toxic chemicals.  Wishing you many happy healthy years together!

  13. I have been looking for an all natural flea & tick control for the longest time! The way it works is quite interesting, by piercing the bugs and in turn causing them to dehydrate and slowly perish – quite brutal for the little buggers  hehe. But I think the best part of this is that you can actually feed it to your dog and it works inside AND out, I mean WOW. My doggy had gotten worms before and it was terrible to get rid of them. I had to feed her this chemical solution that the vet prescribed, I am pretty sure it wasn’t natural and probably like getting chemotherapy because it attacked the insides of my dog to kill the worms. I really wish I had know about Diatomaceous Earth back then because I would have preferred to give it to my dog instead. 

    1. D Earth has been a bit of a secret.  There’s really no profit for companies because this is organic and inexpensive to dig up.   Chemicals and drugs can be priced however pharmaceutical companies see fit….and while they kill many bad things…they also kill good cells in your pet.   I believe there is a problem with over-treatment in conventional medicine today and natural remedies are often not presented as viable options.

  14. I can’t help but wonder at the marvels of science once again.  So instead of all these horrific toxic poisons that we have been using forever, we now have this very simple, SAFE, non-toxic, non-poisonous substance, basically tiny shards of glass, that pierce the shells of the little varmits and they dry up and die.  That is BRILLIANT!  No seriously, and it also treats internal parasites?  Wow, I can’t believe this product exists, and I am so thankful I found your website in my search.  Thank you so so much for this info!


  15. Hi and thank you for this very informative and useful article,

    Diatomaceous Earth food grade is the way to go.  I always thought there was only one type so found this bit of information very interesting, and will take note of which one to purchase.

    Treating dogs with Diatomaceous Earth is a life saver and a pocket saver also because of treating dogs at home with an all natural product saves going to the vet to get the dogs de-wormed.

    I have found it very good for keeping fleas in the home at bay.

    As you mentioned it is very good to neutralising pet smells in the home.

    I will be sharing this useful article with friends and family.

    Thank you 


  16. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for sharing this article on Diatomaceous Earth. I love how descriptive you were in explaining the many benefits and the precautinary measures to consider when using it on our pets. I will definitely going to try this D Earth on my pet, as well as share this article to my relatives and friends so that they will be familiar with this organic material.

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