Homemade All Natural Mosquito Repellent for Dogs

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends lemon eucalyptus oil to prevent mosquito bites.  This essential oil is an effective way to protect your pet without exposing them to products containing DEET.

This is a concentrated oil so you will need to dilute this oil before you put it on your dog.

Synthetic mosquito repellents like those containing DEET can be harmful to your dog since this chemical is passed through the skin and into the blood system.  No need to subject them to that…there is an all-natural way to protect against mosquito bites.

Here’s a great All-Natural Mosquito Repellent to Protect your Dog

You’ll need:

  1. Glass Spray Bottle like this one
  2. 24 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil – (6 drops per ounce of other oils added)
  3. 2 oz. Witch Hazel
  4. 2 oz. Fractionated Coconut Oil or Grape seed Oil


Mix all of your ingredients in your spray bottle (be sure to dilute your Lemon Eucalyptus oil with the other carrier oils).

  1. Shake the bottle to ensure all ingredients are completely mixed
  2. Spray your dog all over – making sure you do not spray their eyes or face. (I usually put this on my dogs ears and head by spraying on to a paper towel and wiping her ears, neck, back of the head, and throat)
  3. Re-apply every few hours as needed.

This is a great way to keep your dog protected during the mosquito season in your area.

Good luck!   Tim

You can buy in bulk and this will make enough repellent to last you for a very long time.