Washable Luxury Dog Diapers – Pet Magasin -Product review

Product: Pet Magasin Luxury Reusable Dog Diapers (3 pack)
Price: $14,99 – $20.89 (depending on size and pattern)
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon
Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
Pattern: Solid or Fashion Trending
Guarantee:  2 Year No Hassle Warranty
My Rating: 9.6 out of 10



Pet Magasin – Washable Luxury Reusable Dog Diapers Product Overview

When “accidents” are a problem in your life – you need a little help.  Over the years I’ve parented many pets…. and I’ve had my share of dogs who suffered from occasional incontinence…. females (who I’ve breed) in heat….or recuperating dogs who may need sanitary support.

In the past, I wouldn’t have considered using a product like this…. but when “a mess” is due to a condition that your dog can’t help….why continue to fight a common sense solution?

Using a washable diaper is an environmentally friendly…. and it’s budget loving option for doggy diaper…. because they’re reusable…. and you aren’t throwing more waste (another disposable diaper) into a landfill.  You’ll be reusing a well-made product.  These diapers are highly cost effective…. since they are hand or machine washable with no special care needed to launder.

You can even air dry them in very little time.

I’ll walk you through some of my favorite features of these Luxury Diapers so you can decide for yourself if these are a good fit for your pooch.

How do they hold up?

The overall quality of this product is excellent.  The inner lining is soft to protect your pet while still being highly absorbent and the outer waterproof fabric is sturdy enough to make a durable product.  One that will last through lots of outside activity and washings and still prevent leaks which damage furniture, rugs, and carpet.

If you have a female dog that is in heat with heavy discharge…. and you decide to use diapers to manage sanitation I…. would also recommend using a liner pad inside this diaper as well.

This is true for ANY diaper.  Don’t get me wrong…. this wrap can hold major leakage…. but cleanup for you will be easier.   The life of the diaper will be extended if you add a pad…. since more of her menstrual fluid will be isolated making for an easy change.

This also is an excellent choice for an elderly pet who may have age or medical related incontinence.  My older female dog has a tough time holding it the way she could when she was younger…. so I know the anxious feeling of wondering if she needs to “go out” every half hour.

How do they work? – Are they easy to put on?

This manufacturer has strong adjustable Velcro tabs with the diapers coming in 4 sizes to fit a large range of doggy sizes – both height and weight.

I like the soft material which eliminates the “crackly” sound most disposable diapers are notorious for having.  This goes a long way to having your pet “accept” the product.  Also, I’ll note that the Velcro tabs are easy to use and do NOT grab on to your pets fur…another big plus in changing (and one less scary thing for your dog).

Fashion options

The standard product in a “solid” pattern comes in vibrant colors…such as purple, blue, and green.

For those of you wanting to make a fashion statement with your dog you can opt for a 3 pack of whimsical patterns to spice up your walks.  Hey, if your dog has to have a diaper, you might as well make it fun!

Here’s a quick note- when you first put these on your dog…they will “walk funny”.  It’s just not a feeling that they are used to experiencing.

Within 10-15 minutes though they settle in and go back to business as usual.  These diapers are some of the nicest looking ones on the market and its a great balance of NO leaks…. comfort…. and ease of use for you.

These definitely will make your life so much easierGive them a try…for the price you can’t beat it and everyone will be stress free and happy.

I hope this review helps in your decision making process.  Good luck!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below!   Tim


3 Comments on “Washable Luxury Dog Diapers – Pet Magasin -Product review”

  1. Hey Tim,

    I never knew about these let alone them being so fashionable! I’m not a big fan of putting clothes on any animal but if it’s necessary this is a lot more appealing. Thanks for sharing there really is a thing for everything!

    1. Hey Peter,
      You know what they say…”necessity is the mother of invention”. It all comes down to the fact that our pets are living longer even though there is a decline in health and body control….they hang on longer. And here we are…pet products for incontinence becomes a growing industry. Thanks for checking out the article. Tim

  2. My friend has a female dog and her birthday is coming up. I think it would be a great gift. However, do you have any other cool recommendation?

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