Quiet Moments Melatonin Calming Aid Soft Chew for Dogs – Review

Product: Quiet Moments Calming Aid Soft Chew Supplement for Dogs PLUS Melatonin
Producer: NaturVet
Price: $11.99 – $19.99 (depending on size)
Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon
Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee – NaturVet
My Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Quiet Moments Melatonin Calming Aid Soft Chew for Dogs – Review

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in dogs which helps to regulate stressful situations… and supports the nervous system. Melatonin is commonly used for dogs as an all-natural treatment option for anxiety, insomnia, stress, and Cushing’s Disease.

One big positive factor for using melatonin is that is has very few instances of side effects. You can get more details in my recent article on melatonin for dogs here.

These particular melatonin beef flavored chews come in a resealable tub and are easy to administer. These are a convenient and affordable way for pet parents… to de-stress an anxious dog… prepare for an upcoming thunderstorm…or to help offset the effects of Cushing’s disease.

Does it work?

I can say for my dog with Cushing’s Disease this product did an excellent job in reducing some symptoms of this condition.

My dog normally is up wandering for much of the night -pacing and panting as a result of her hormonal imbalance. Some symptoms of Cushing’s include insatiable appetite… and uncontrollable water drinking (and the resulting peeing).

Giving her these chews helps her sleep the night… as the melatonin seems to block the cortisone coming from her pituitary and adrenal gland. She wasn’t panting or pacing. Very restful. This happened on the very first day I gave her the supplement. You can read more details on Cushing’s Disease in dogs in this article.

My friend has a very high-strung German Shepherd and he uses this product to help calm her down……reduce her anxiety, and help her sleep better. So I’ve seen firsthand two instances where this excellent product worked. Amazing stuff!

If you are looking for an affordable way to manage your dogs separation anxiety, social anxiety, thunder phobia, travel fears, or stress of seeing the groomer…these melatonin chews are a must!

The downside of this product

Overall I’m giving this product high grades. I have not personally seen any negative effects for my dogs using this supplement. I have heard of a few instances of upset stomachs in my research… but its unknown how much the dosages were in those instances.

I’ll give this product a bit of a knock as the risk of over medicating exists here. Your dog will think these are delicious treats.

Do not leave these lying around for them to get into..they will eat them all. House guests and visitors may not realize that these are NOT normal dog treats…and there’s a risk for someone to accidentally give too much to your “little beggar”. So packaging could be a little more secure.

I asked my vet about using this product….and she “signed off” as a suitable all-natural supplement for dogs… and for my dog in particular.

This works to manage stress, tension, and anxiety.

These melatonin chews are convenient to use and are a super calming aid for pets prone to being nervous during storms… while traveling… or trip to the groomers.

All natural melatonin helps to promote relaxation and rest.

Highly recommended!

Order some today….

….and see for yourself the difference in your dog’s behavior!

I did not receive any compensation for writing this review. I purchased this product with my own money… and I  personally used this supplement with my own pet.

If you try this product or have any comments regarding this review…. please leave me a message in the comments section below.

We always want to share as much information as we can so your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!


2 Comments on “Quiet Moments Melatonin Calming Aid Soft Chew for Dogs – Review”

  1. Great review of this product, Tim, very interesting in how you said that this will work with thunder phobia. My dog does not like thunder and gets scared and nervous when it thunders this may work to calm him. I may look n to purchasing some for her to try a little later on. Do you think it will help for allergies with scratching herself?

    1. Hi Fred – sorry your pooch has a thunder phobia challenge and some skin issues. I’ll repost an earlier reply that gives some additional options (other than the melatonin which may be enough to calm him)
      For his itchy skin (allergies or skin conditions) these may offer some relief:

      Itch Support Gold for Dogs
      Allergy Itch Ease for Dog Skin Allergies
      REPOST from 6:57 09/20/18

      Yes, melatonin is just one treatment option for dogs with anxiety or stress. Just like people, dogs are all different and finding the right option can be a challenge. Some have allergic reactions or sensitive systems which can make it even harder. You’re smart in doing your research to find the right product for Rex.
      Funny you should ask about alternatives. I’m actually writing a new article on other all-natural calming aids and that should post in the next week (I’ll list the good and the bad).
      Until then here are a few I have used or heavily researched and are my top recommendations. Good luck and thanks for visiting!

      Stress GOLD For High Stress Situations in Dogs
      PetCalm for Pet Anxiety
      Calming Care for Dog Anxiety and Stress

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