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I started the MyOlderDog.com website because I was tired of getting bad information when it came to raising my dogs with a healthy well-balanced approach.

There is a ton of misleading and out-right bad information on the chemical, drugs, and over-treatment of our pets.

My passion for animal welfare brought me to develop my research, reviews, and writing on how to take care of elderly dogs. It has been a very rewarding endeavor…and I love sharing the things I discover. I’m not an expert and I can only tell you things based on my experience.

If you have a passion…a dream…a vision…and a little bit of drive, then you too can start you own blog and share with others. There are people out there looking for answers and solutions to problems. You may be the one that can help.

Nobody owns YOUR perspective in life except for YOU! Share it with the universe.

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I am not a website savvy person…I’ve tried before an failed. This is a step-by-step process to get you on your way to effectively build a website and become and expert in your niche.

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