Dog Food Online Checklist – Avoid These Common Pet Feeding Mistakes

Din-din time!

Meal time truly is the highlight of your dogs day.  Why else would they get so excited?

Well if your chow-hound loves his grub…here’s your dog food online checklist with healthy feeding tips to make your dogs dinner time more well-balanced

Am I recommending the top dog foods?  Nope, that’s not what we’re doing here.

You’re getting the top dog food online tips on how to feed your pet to maximize his health at feeding times.

So if you’re salivating for more…let’s dish it up!

Wash your dogs food bowls daily

Many pet parent miss this step.  Many people just don’t think about taking the time to wash out food and water bowls.

It only takes a minute to rinse out your dogs food bowl with warm soapy water.  Believe me, you are rinsing off a ton of bacteria. 

I mean, it literally is alive!

Those little bugs probably aren’t a huge health risk to your pup.  But over time they can build a Biofilm that can cause diseases.

At the very least… this bacteria can result in tummy problems that can cause  bowel movement surprises and lots of GAS!  So does that sound (and smell) familiar?

You wouldn’t eat off the same dirty dish for a week.   Yuck!

It’s not sanitary and it isn’t healthy.

Do your pet a favor and give him a clean dinner plate at meal time.

Feed Twice a Day

So this is another step that can be confusing.  I’m NOT recommending feeding your little beggar TWICE the amount of food.  I’m talking about twice the feeding times.

It’s healthier for your dog’s digestive system to space out her feedings.

This lets her system digest a smaller meal which helps create a healthy rhythm internally.  It’s easier for her to process a smaller meal and this allows her body to absorb nutrients .

It also reduces the chance that your dog suddenly needs to eliminate her waste….as a result of her eating too much at once.

Feeding your dog once a day could make your dog gulp their food and cause bloatThis condition happens when there is too much food, fluid,  and gas in the stomach.

Bloat puts pressure on other internal organs…and it can cut-off blood flow or cause shock and stomach tears.

Feeding only once a day can also make your dog’s blood sugar spike high and then get too low.   Diabetic dogs especially benefit from multiple feeding times.

Measure, measure, measure

Yep, I know it’s a hassle to get all technical on portion size.  But you must stick with feeding guidelines.  You’ll find these on your dog’s food packaging.

The risk to overfeed is huge when we eyeball it.  I mean, like by two or three times!

Most feeding instructions are based on daily amounts.  So, since you are now feeding twice a day (right?), you’ll just split this amount.

Know your dog’s weight…don’t guess.   You need an accurate weight to measure the correct portion.  This is especially true in smaller breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, French Bulldogs, and Corgis.

Keep track of treats.  These are the #1 cause for doggy obesity.  It’s easy to double your dog’s caloric intake if you load them up on treats between meals.   This is why many dogs are overweight.

Most commercial dog treats are not good for your dog.

Be Consistent

It’s super important to feed your dog at the same two times… every day.  Be specific.  You don’t need to feed them every 12 hours for two-a-day feedings.

So if you decide that 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. works for your schedule…stick to it.

Again, the reasoning is to condition your dogs internal system to be regular.  Scheduled feeding  times, regular exercise,  and consistent outside potty breaks….all help their inner clock stay on time.   They will sleep better and feel better too.

Don’t Mix Up their Diet

So can you see a patter here?   I know, consistency is boring.

I love pizza, but I don’t want to eat it at every meal.  However, your dog doesn’t need an adventurous dinner. 

Whatever well-balance dog food you decide to go with be sure to sure you commit and stay with it.  Think about making your own fresh made dog food.

Do not shake up your dogs diet suddenly.  This is why feeding table scraps and leftovers is a no-no….(One of many reasons).  If you want to share your food with them – here is a simple homemade dog food recipe I make.

If you need to change foods, integrate the change slowly by mixing the two together….using very little of the new food to start off with.  Increase the amount of the new food over time.  It typically takes your dog a few days to a week to adjust to a new diet.

Bonus Tip –  It’s All About the Water

So, I already gave you 5, but this bonus feeding tip is just as important as the others.  Giving a top 6 list just doesn’t sound sexy so it’s 5 tips plus a BONUS.

I hope your dog has access to water all day.  That’s good! But it’s really important to have water available for your pooch right at the spot where they are eating their meals.

Water is the number one thing to aid in digestion.  Getting fluids helps keep them regular.  Being regular helps you know when your dog needs to “go”.  It’s all about that internal clock and keeping them in a rhythm.

Your dog WILL drink water right after them eat.  Every time!  So don’t make them have to wander of to find it.

Feeding  Times Made Easy

So there you have it…the tops things to know on to keep your dogs digestive system on track.

Let’s quickly recap:

  • Clean food bowls daily
  • Go to twice a day feedings
  • Measure your dogs meals
  • Set feeding times and stick to them
  • Keep a consistent well-balanced diet
  • Bonus- give your dog water where they eat-when they eat

I hope at least one or two of these points have given you something to think about.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or questions in the “comments” section below.

Bon Appetit!

20 Comments on “Dog Food Online Checklist – Avoid These Common Pet Feeding Mistakes”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the tips! I must say I am guilty for not cleaning my pet dish everyday, but that is a very valid tip. I currently do not have any pets, but should I get another one I’ll remember your tips. My mom has 2 small chihuahuas and I believe she is very guilty for the giving too many treats out. her little teacup chihuahua is supposed to be 4 lbs or less and I think he’s 6 lbs! the other one was a stray years ago and kept coming by her apartment until she coaxed him in. He was very aggressive and really disliked guys. He is calm and gentle now, but eats all the time like the food will disappear forever!

    Best to you,


    1. Hi Chas,

      thanks for stopping by and for checking out my article. Sounds like you mom has a couple of little fun guys. If the teacup is a non-stop eating machine he may have a imbalance causing him to stay hungry all the time. Here’s another article that explains what may be going on. Please pass it on to her and I hope it helps! Thanks!

      Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

  2. Hello Tim, thanks for this helpful tips. You would think that cleaning the bowls should be common sense but I know so many people who do not do this. I will send them your link so they can inform themselves. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nathalie-

      Really appreciate you visiting and thanks so much for the feedback. I too was stunned at my research when I found out how long some people go without cleaning their pet bowls. I guess when they start to smell…that’s their queue. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the 5 tips! I will now clean my dogs’ bowls before every feeding. I did not realize it could cause discomfort. Two questions for you:

    – 1) My 2 older dogs never finish their food. I have been giving them the same amount for the last 5 yrs but they seem to be eating less in one sitting. They prefer to graze all day. Should I decrease the amount of food I give them?
    – 2) They like to share each other’s water and food bowls. Is this bad for them?

    looking forward to hearing from you,



    1. Hey Mike- I appreciate you checking in. Sounds like your older dogs have been with each other for a while. That’s great!

      Some dogs do fine if you leave food out for them to nibble at throughout the day. It’ll be important that you give them only the daily recommended serving on the packaging and when it’s gone for the day…they’re done.

      Sounds like they may be bored with their chow. Also just being old makes eating “not so fun” anymore. Older dogs who are less active don’t need as much…and sometimes there digestive system just doesn’t feel so hot…..How are their teeth?

      It’s rare that two dogs together will pick at their food all day….that’s because usually there’s a bit of competition and someone ends up wanting more.

      The fact that they swap bowls is also rare again for the same reasons. If you are feeding them a well-balanced food for seniors just stick with it. No health problem sharing bowls especially now that you are hosing them down! 🙂

  4. Great post Tim. I just got a dog as a gift for my birthday and it’s going to be my first time handling it. I am very lucky to come across your post because reading this content his really given me some insight on how to take good care of my dog. Thanks man.

    1. Hi Kuu,

      Happy belated birthday! What a present….was it a surprise?

      I’m glad to know that my article gave you some good ideas. Good luck as a pet parent. I wish you many happy healthy years together with your new friend!
      All the best!

  5. Hello Tim,
    This is a great article. I like the number 2 and 3 tips. Feeding two times which smaller portions and of course measuring is the key so that the dog will not become overweight.
    Looking forward to more useful tips for dog care.

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Che,
      Simple tips are easy to follow. Most of these are commons sense…but it’s easy to get lazy and forget. Thank you again for stopping by. Best- Tim

  6. I have never thought about this though haha..

    My mother us a dog lover, she feeds them evertday at the same time (sometimes by hand) and that takes dedication. One of them is a Border Collie going on 15 years and still as healthy and energetic as ever!

    1. Hi Ian,

      It sounds like your mother has a special bond with her dogs…especially the Border Collie. She certainly is in tune with what they need which is what this is all about. Thanks for checking in! Tim

  7. Well to be honest with you, and now I feel bad, I do not clean our dog’s bowl everyday.  So that is going to change!!!  Because you are right, we wouldn’t do it to ourselves!

    We know our dog’s weight so we know exactly what to give him, so I must say for all your other tips we are on point.  Consistent with this feeding times as well and pretty much the same food, dry in the morning and meat/veg/rice at night.  He is a happy well-fed dog that we just adore!!!

    I will be bookmarking your site as I can see you have many other tips and tricks and advice by the looks of it.  Thank you!Sharon

  8. Well to be honest with you, and now I feel bad, I do not clean our dog’s bowl everyday. So that is going to change!!! Because you are right, we wouldn’t do it to ourselves!

    We know our dog’s weight so we know exactly what to give him, so I must say for all your other tips we are on point. Consistent with this feeding times as well and pretty much the same food, dry in the morning and meat/veg/rice at night. He is a happy well-fed dog that we just adore!!!

    I will be bookmarking your site as I can see you have many other tips and tricks and advice by the looks of it. Thank you!

    1. Washing out pet bowls is so obvious and simple….I was floored when I researched this and felt horrible I wasn’t doing it consistently. I think because our dogs can eat “who knows what” in the backyard we think of them as kind of garbage disposals sometimes. This step really helps keep them healthy…same for those water bowls.

  9. My toy poodle Oreo is 12 years old but I swear she looks the same as she did when she was a puppy ( I mean, she is a toy poodle afterall ) but Oreo is getting old and isn’t as springy as she used to be. I learned alot reading this. First of all, I didn’t realize that you should clean your dogs bowl regularly… It makes sense though, if we are going to clean our own bowls after eating out of them once, why not treat our best friends the same way. Also didn’t realize that I needed to keep my pooch on a feeding schedule, but it makes sense. I want my dog to live the longest possible, and if comes down to making some small adjustments and making sure I keep my doggys bowl clean, then I will do it!! thanks for the tips!

  10. I have to admit that I am guilty of not being consistent with my dogs when it comes to eating and feeding time. Also I usually feed them once a day. This is very informative and eye opening. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will start to change the routine with them from now on.

    1. Thanks for checking out the article.  These tips are not a perfect fit for everyone.  Some people do prefer to feed their dogs once a day.   It can be easier to feed them once and then they can go to the bathroom before you have to leave for the day.    Feeding twice helps keep their system in rhythm though so they are not hungry all day waiting for their next meal.  

  11. Thank you for the helpful tips! Yes it’s so easy to not pay attention to the things you’ve listed. But I find if you get into the habit of washing out pets bowls straight after they’ve eaten – it makes it much easier. Otherwise, the food sticks and turns to concrete. I think I will be more thorough now with measuring portions and knowing what the dog’s weight is too! Thank you – great tips!

    1. Until I did my research for this article I too did not think to wash out my pets food and water bowls consistently.  I’m a believer now though.  Thanks for visiting and checking out these tips!

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