Dog Halloween Funny Spooky Costumes

Halloween will soon be here and that means another opportunity for us to dress up our pets.  What a blast to find a spooky fun Halloween costume for a pet!

Sure it’s humiliating for them…but hey…that’s the trade-off for them being able to live in the house.

So after some due diligence I’ve narrowed down some of my faves!

You’ll love the ideas and of course your dog will hate you for it…but we’ve covered that already. 

So saddle up…let’s get started.

Dog Riding Coat with Cowboy and Hat 

It’s Halloween and I’m “raring to go”!

Giddy Up partner!  Your dog will look home on the range with this cute and adorable all cotton riding coat.

Yee-Haw!  This cowboy with hat is hanging on for dear life as your dog takes him for a wild bucking bronco ride.   Backyard rodeo at your Halloween party.

Comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Golden photo op?   You bet.   Hit of the party?  I’d say so!

Get more details and check shipping options and to order here!


Halloween Spooky Teeth Squeaky Toy

Oh-My what BIG teeth you have !   These low-dough funny dog toy accessories will have you reaching for your camera.

Playful squeak toys made of silicone with squeaker built in –  makes a noise as they chew and chomp on it.

Sizes will vary slightly depending on the style.  Comes in three delightful designs:

  • Spooky Tooth Fang Grin
  • Pig Nose with Tusks
  • Wide Grin Red Lip Smiley

Order one or all three here and get shipping details here also.  Creepy good fun!

Captain Jack Doggy Pirate Costume

Ahoy matey!  Permission to come aboard, sir!

Captain Jack is reporting for duty and ready to wrangle some Halloween booty.  

These festive Pirate Costumes for your dog or cat are made of cotton and come in S, M, L, XL sizes.

Life of the party is a certainty.  Ready to set sail on the sea of fun!

Get the right size and order one for your pooch here!

Halloween Superhero Dog Costume 

Here he comes to save the day!  Halloween fun to the next level.

Choose from Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, and Iron Man and are officially licensed by Marvel Comics.

Comes in S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes.  Sizing chart and details on how to order one for your pet can be found here!

Dog Lion Mane Wig

Ready to roar! Add this majestic funny mane to your Halloween costume party arsenal for medium to large sized dogs.

Made from high-quality materials to ensure it lasts for a long time.  Easy to clean.

Transform your mild mannered pooch into the king of the jungle!

Comes in Large and X-Large sizes.  Find out more and order here!

Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street Dog Costume

Scary Nightmare on Elm Street costume for your little “Freddie”.

He’ll terrorize the neighborhood, and the kids will all be afraid to go to sleep.

Costume comes with Freddy sweater, Freddy hat, and Freddy Glove.  Watch those claws!

Fully licensed from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

Comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large

Pick one up here if you dare!


You can search for a ton more spooky fun dog costumes here!

6 Comments on “Dog Halloween Funny Spooky Costumes”

  1. Hi Tim, these costumes are great. Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street is hilarious. I also like the Cowboy one. I will have to tell my girlfriend about this site so she can have a good laugh, and possibly pick one up for her Beagle for Halloween. Are those luxury dog diapers for real? First time I’ve ever seen one. Tom

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for taking a look at this article. I agree, those costumes are a real kick. And…yes, those diapers are for real. Mainly they are for dogs who may have a weak bladder or a leakage problem. Just think about how many times you see commercials on TV for people pads and liners. As we all get older…body control sometimes declines. These dog diapers, pads, and wraps help to keep things manageable. Thanks again!

  2. Tim,
    The last three dogs that I had were Dachshunds. We did the hot dog costume for parades and Halloween. My neighbor dressed her dogs up in a Tu-Tu. We have always dressed up for the holidays.
    great ideas for costumes for the upcoming season.

    1. Hey John- I think dachshunds were made for dress up…my little guy hates it but we do it anyway. I don’t have small kids anymore so when the holidays come…the dogs get the festive treatment. lol Thanks for checking in. Tim

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