Wondercide Natural Detox Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay For Dogs

Product: Wondercide Natural Detox Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay for Dogs
Producer: Wondercide
Price: $29.99
Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon
Ingredients: Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay and Purified Water
No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy or dairy
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Size: 32 fl oz.
Product Source: Made in the USA
My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Wondercide Bentonite Clay Detox -Product Review

Bentonite clay has been used throughout recorded history to rid your body of toxins, improve digestion, and heal wounds.

This clay has a unique composition that can absorb “negatively charged” environmental agents, toxins, and harmful bacteria.

Your pet needs the same protection and is exposed to the same harmful elements. Bentonite clay also can help to eliminate pesticides and heavy metals.

This product only has two ingredients: Bentonite Clay and Pure Filtered Water and is mixed to perfect proportion for easy daily use to add to your pets meals.

Typically, using powdered Bentonite Clay for internal treatment requires you to mix the clay into a slurry.

Premixed vs Powder

When using a powdered clay…you will always want to add the water to the clay...doing it the other way results in clumps and its best to let it sit overnight as the clay expands. Mixing powder means you’ll need to mix enough to use some now and then store the rest for later use.

It’s a bit of a hassle to mix the powder every time you want to use it because you should let it sit overnight before using. The reason for this is to let the clay expand as it absorbs the water. You do it this way so it doesn’t expand inside your dogs gut.

Using  Wonderside Clay Detox allows you to skip all of these steps since this product is already mixed and the clay has had a chance to expand. You can use daily or as needed. There is no need to refrigerate this so you can leave it out on the counter…although I think it is easier to drink when it is chilled. (For human treatment).

Why This Product is a Good Method for Clay Treatment

A good treatment is one that is effective...but it also has to be easy to use. Success in your efforts to remedy a problem in your dogs health relies on consistency in your treatment plan.

One of the biggest reasons that pet parents experience failure with an all-natural remedy or cure is the lack of sticking with the treatment plan long enough to judge whether it’s an effective form of treatment.

Starting and stopping treatment is never an optimal way to evaluate whether something is working or not.

If Bentonite Clay treatment is something you wish to add to your pets health regimen you will need to have an easy way to be consistent.

Using Wondercide premixed Bentonite Clay Detox is the number one selling feature because there is no measuring, no guessing, and no time wasted having to prep it every time you want to treat your dog.

Real Science at Work Naturally

Bottom line is that Wondercide Bentonite Clay Ultra-Pure Detox is a wonderful addition to your pets health arsenal.

You can use this premixed clay product as part of a healthy maintenance plan for parasite prevention and for good overall balanced internal functions.

More importantly, you can detoxify your dog and remove harmful bacteria, toxins, environmental agents, and heavy metals from your dogs bloodstream.

These are the things that researchers have found consistently to cause cancer in animals and humans.

Removing these poisons, chemicals, and infectious microbes from your dogs body will help the natural systems stay balanced and effective in fighting illnesses, parasites, and disease.

Highly recommended. No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy or dairy. Made in the USA from human food-grade ingredients and safe for pets and people of all ages.

Get your own Wondercide Bentonite Clay for Dogs Here…and give it a try yourself.

8 Comments on “Wondercide Natural Detox Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay For Dogs”

  1. This look interesting. How many times or how frequent should I use this on my dog. I never use such product before. So I am not sure about this. Does it work like facial mask on us? If so, I think I will do it once a week. Will that be alright?

    1. Hey Kit-  For this product you’re treating internally.  How much will depend on what your use is for your dog.   It’s safe to use everyday for detox, parasite prevention, pH balance, and GI issues.  Or you can use it as needed.  Any product will have guidelines on the packaging.  For the Wondercide…I’ve posted a “How To Use” dosage chart in paragraph two.  Basically it’s based on your dogs weight.

  2. Hello Tim,
    Liked your article on Wondercide Bentonite Clay Natural Detox Ultra-Pure. It amazing this product can absorb negative charged in which will protect pet owner pets.
    I didn’t know these same poisons of negative charged was also in pets. Pet owner can rest knowing the Wondercide Bentonite Clay eliminate pesticides and heavy metals.
    Does this product really have two ingredients only Bentonite Clay and Pure Filtered Water? Premixed Vs. Powder you nailed when you informed pets owner what the true meaning of premixed for now they need not fear their pets gut expanding.
    I believe your readers who have pets know they are safe in choosing the right products for their pets knowing you are on their side. Your article is well written you leave us knowing we can trust in your resource and review.

    1. Hey Michael- thanks for checking out the article. Most of the time -natural and simple- is the way to go. I use the powdered clay most of the time…that I mix in a bigger batch (I use a mason jar) so I can use it as I need it.

      Doesn’t spoil (it’s already millions of years old) so you can mix ahead of time and leave it on the counter.

      For some folks, the premix is the way to go…because it is perfectly mixed every time so you’re ready to go—right out of the bottle. Same stuff as powder- just depends on the “hassle” level you want. As with all things we pay extra for convenience…but its worth it if this helps a person treat their pet consistently.

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback and – again, I appreciate you visiting!

  3. I didn’t actually realize what the purpose of bentonite clay was before, so thanks for the great resource you’ve provided here! I understand what you mean when you say premixed clay is better than powder; it seems easier to apply and use on a regular basis with less time needed to get it ready. However, does powder have any unique advantages? Does it store for longer, for example? Thanks!

    1. Good question regarding the two different Bentinite Clay products – meaning pre-mixed versus powder.  So both of these are the same clay ingredients except the premix already has purified water added.  It’s mixed to just the right consistency.  The powder is the value option if you don’t mind mixing. You to can pre-mix and just store at room temp indefinitely.  When you mix on your own be sure to let it sit for a few hours to let the clay absorb some water.  Shelf life for both is indefinite since nothing to spoil or decompose.

      Keep in mind that since thus is clay —- either way you go the clay does not dissolve – meaning your pet  will be eating clay mineral water. It’s not sandy but it’s minerally. – if that makes sense.

  4. How often do we administer this, or should we only use when they have a upset stomach and/or vomiting? I’m noticing my dog is chewing and eating the taller blades of grass more and more. I’m told that this helps their digestion and may be a sign of stomach discomfort. I’m also worried because there could be pesticides in the backyard from the gardeners spraying before. Looks like I need this product on standby in any case. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hey Lev – This is safe to use everyday for pets.  Follow the dosage recommendation for your pets weight.  Daily treatment keeps the parasites and toxins out and let’s them establish proper pH and a strong immune system.  

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